Your Kids Can Draw (and so can you!)

When we were developing Hello Sitter, one of the biggest concerns that fellow parents would bring up time and again was that they didn’t want their children to be left in front of the TV or on an iPad, they wanted sitters who would really connect and have fun with their kids. We took this on board and place immense value on bringing you sitters who are both fun and engaging. But let’s be honest, whether you’re a parent or a sitter, it is’t always easy to think of creative activities to keep the little ones busy so this week we’re bringing you a great activity that both parents and sitters can try with kids – drawing cartoons! This activity was inspired by a fantastic Ted Talk which we have added at the bottom of this post, so if you like the activity, watch the whole video, its super inspirational and a lot of fun for kids and grown ups too! Don’t forget to share your cartoons with us on Instagram under the #hellositter

Now go get creative!

Spike – step by step

If you watch the video you will see how easy it is to draw some really great cartoons. We have taken the star of the show, Spike and broken his creation down into stages. Show your kids so they can follow along!

how to draw cartoons step 1

Step 1 – the nose

First of all, lets draw spike’s nose

how to draw cartoons step 2

Step 2 – the eyes

Simply draw the eyes like two sixes

how to draw cartoons step 3

Step 3 – the mouth

now lets give Spike a nice smile

how to draw cartoons step 4

Step 4 – the ear

All the better to hear you with! Let’s add his ear

how to draw cartoons step 5 the hair

Step 5 – the hair

Now Spike needs his spikes. Let’s add his hair!

how to draw cartoons step 6 the tshirt

Step 6 – the jaw and neck

now we add quick lines for the jaw and the neck

how to draw cartoons step 7 the t-shirt

Step 7 – the t-shirt

Let’s add a ring for his t-shirt!

how to draw cartoons step 8 the shoulders

Step 8 – the shoulders

line to the left, line to the right – and we’re done!

See – We told you you could do it! Here are some of the other characters you’ll learn to draw. Watch the whole video below and open a door to a whole new creative world. If you can achieve this in 15 minutes, what else can you achieve today?


Pam has the face that any nurturing babysitter in new york feels – worry! If she knew about Hello Sitter, perhaps she’d be a little calmer?


His school teacher said “He will never amount to anything” – We think he proved them wrong! Don’t let needlessly limiting beliefs put you off!

Why is it that so many people think they can‘t draw? Where did we learn to believe that? A super inspirational Ted talk by a man called Graham Shaw will help to shatter that illusion. During the talk he asks the audience of a few hundred people, who here can draw? Only a couple of people raise their hands. Most of us feel that you need to be “born creative” to be able to draw or create things in general. But is this true?

The point is – how many other self limiting beliefs do we carry around with us that are actually untrue? So this talk is as much about empowerment, than learning how to cartoon. We hope you enjoyed the activity!

If your kids enjoyed the activity Graham Shaw has produced a DVD for kids on cartooning for learning which you can download from their online store.

teach your kids to draw