Are You Winning at the Mom-Thing?

Are You Winning at the Mom-Thing?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve perhaps had the occasional (OK, more like frequent) moment of anxiety over your parenting skills. After all, it’s a huge responsibility, this whole “raising babies thing,” and given you only get one chance to get it right, we’d say the stakes are high – no pressure!

While here at Hello Sitter HQ, we may not all bear elementary ed or child psych degrees – although quite a few of our sitters do! – we are thoughtful parents. And lately we’ve been thinking that for all the paths and choices a parent can take/make, there are some standard parenting practices that are just plain good – so therefore, if you’re managing any of these, we’d argue that you’re likely killing it at parenting. The good news is,  you’re probably already doing most of them.

  1. Me-time Is Time Well Spent

As the adage goes, you can’t care for anyone until you care for yourself. Truth is, in order to be the best parent you can be, you must prioritize yourself – we recommend via a blowout, some time at the gym, a sitter and a green tea matcha! Just saying.

  1. Relationships Are The Foundation

Could you be nurturing your relationship a wee bit more? Surely yes. Not involved in a co-parent situation? Exhibiting nurturing relationships with other people counts too. The love between parents and friends can make kids feel secure and loved themselves. Well noted!

  1. Work, Work, Work…

Who knows what the future work-world will look like, but we’re pretty certain no one is going to invent an app that makes working a thing of the past. One day your kids (while hard to believe at times) will grow up find themselves working and investing in a career of their own. Therefore, all those hours you put in at home, in the office, and on your phone are sending them a message today: bust it and you can have a nice life too!

  1. Manners Matter

The crazier the world gets, the more and more basic things like manners (for example) are deeply appreciated. So remember, being the upstanding citizen that you are is not going unnoticed by your littles – even if it doesn’t seem so when they dump their eggs on the floor at brunch! Your kindness and civility towards others are life-lessons on the daily.

  1. “Neglecting” Your Kids

As much as they might want it, kids don’t need your attention every second of everyday. So drop the guilt folks! Glance at your phone occasionally or perhaps even let them get “bored” from time to time. If you’re skeptical, think about that friend you have who messages you constantly and can’t make a decision on her own – yup, her parents gave her ALL the attention, ALL the time and some things never change.

  1. Live Well

Eating healthy and working out aren’t just benefiting you, they’re instilling in your child the importance of taking care of yourself and building healthy habits. So 86 the guilt over taking some gym time – this is forming their foundation.

  1. Exposure Breeds

Simply living in NYC and its environs is a gift to your children via exposure to culture and cultures they perhaps would not experience elsewhere. Good chance they’ll emerge from childhood ever more savvy and sophisticated than their rural cousin counterparts.

  1. No Means No

Does your kid ask for things all the time? Unless you’re mom of an infant, the answer is emphatically YES. But, you can’t say yes all the time – after all, how will you fit a giant trampoline in your apartment? – and that’s a good thing actually, despite your kid’s traumatic reaction. If it’s hard for you to say no, aim to say no every fifth (or tenth) ask.

  1. Yes, Why Not

Who doesn’t want to say yes to their little’s every wish? Saying yes is as important as saying no, but infinitely more rewarding (it really feels like you’re nailing it at parenting when your babe is as happy as can be!).

  1. Love And Respect, On Repeat

Now this one we know for sure. There’s no such thing as too much love or too many hugs! Moreover, we’re pretty sure that no one grows up to be a terrible person if their parents raised them with genuine respect and heaps of love.

And most importantly, remember we all have “off” days when we think we’re a “bad” parent. The good news: you’re really not – actually, we think you’re pretty fab!