What the press are saying

Its official! Hello Sitter completed our official press launch at the end of June and we have been overwhelmed by the response! From the New York post to the today show, our app has had people talking.

We wanted to bring together some of the best stories from around the web to share with you.

New York Daily News

“Hello Sitter is the new app to quickly find available, trained babysitters in New York – its like uber but for babysitters – and safer.
The article continues…
Sai De Silva, a parent who’s been using Hello Sitter for six weeks (during its beta phase), said she learned about the app through a friend who was already part of the beta.

“At first I was a bit hesitant so I hired my first sitter a little bit early so I can meet her before my daughter got back from school—I did the same with the others,” De Silva said.

De Silva said she found a lot of the sitters to be very personable, so she continued to use the app—she even hired two at the same time for special events.

“It’s just like a referral system—and that’s the same way it worked with the old school system of getting a nanny or a sitter,” De Silva said. “So for me, I was completely comfortable using it—and it shouldn’t be compared to Uber. It is an on-demand service, but very different.”

The Today Show

Its pretty exciting when your app gets talked about on TV. The Today Show took a lighthearted approach to the idea of Hello Sitter. Here’s what their intro to the excerpt from the show has to say about us –

“If you’re caught without a baby-sitter at the last minute, a new app called “Hello Sitter” promises to send someone to watch your kids within an hour. The “Uber of baby-sitting” says they carefully review everyone who signs up. It sounds good to NBC’s Craig Melvin – but Matt Lauer is leery.”

Being an on demand service, although we have been getting used to the “Uber of.. ” comparisons Hello Sitter is not the same. We have worked so hard to personally vet every babysitter on our system, our service is way more curated than something like Uber. We’ll keep working to get that message across though, its all part of the fun of being a new business.

Watch a clip of the today show here

Cult of macs awesome apps of the week hello sitter

Cult of Mac

We were blown away when the respected website for the Apple aficionado “Cult of Mac” listed us as one of their Awesome Apps of the week!

When we were building Hello Sitter, safety concerns were our number one priority. In a separate article, Cult of Mac addressed these safety concerns head on.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Every new app in the on-demand marketplace is often called the Uber of its particular service because of how disruptive the ride company has been as a popular alternative to traditional taxi services. These apps tend to bypass traditional employment models by signing up independent service providers who are contacted directly by customers via technology.

With trust as the single biggest hurdle, Hello Sitter does not take any shortcuts in vetting childcare workers, Mansell says. She conducts personal interviews, requires at least three references and conducts thorough background checks.”

Read the full article here

digital trends article about babysitting in new york app hello sitter

Digital Trends

Digital trends focused more on the details of the app:

“To get started, simply create a profile detailing your child’s age, allergies, food preferences, bed and bath routines, special needs, and interests. Then select the qualities in a caretaker that are important to you. Based on this information, Hello Sitter will match you with the ideal person. From there, you can choose the date and time in which a sitter’s services will be needed, whether it’s an hour or seven days from now. You’ll be matched with three available sitters, from which you can choose your favorite, and be confirmed within minutes. And as for payment, current rates run at $21 for one child, $23 for two, and $26 for three or four. Sadly, if your brood is comprised of five children or more, you can’t make use of Hello Sitter’s services at this time.

It’s not just about finding an available sitter, it’s about finding the right sitter.” So if you’re in New York and looking to take advantage of all the city has to offer, consider Hello Sitter for a slight break from your parenting duties.”

Read the full article here

Crain's article on Hello Sitter - Babysitter new york app

Crain’s New York

Being a business publication, Crain’s focused more on the business side of things, but nonetheless referred to Hello Sitter as your very own Mary Poppins, which we thought was kinda cute!

“Parents in desperate need of a nanny at the last minute will now have an app to find their very own Mary Poppins.

Manhattan-based Hello Sitter launched Wednesday in the Apple App Store. Entrepreneur Lauren Mansell founded the new mobile technology after her own struggles finding the right nanny for her daughter, who is now 3 years old.”

Read the full article here

psfk article about Hello Sitter the app for new york parents in need of babysitters


PSFK is a business and tech blog which saw through the hype and focused on the main issues the app addresses:

“For many parents who have traditionally followed the word of mouth procedure for finding a babysitter, Hello Sitter could be their new best friend: by connecting guardians to a network of proficient, pre-assessed babysitters, trust issues will effectively become a thing of the past.”

Read the full article here

quartz article on Hello Sitter the app for parents in New York City


We were super excited to be featured in an article on Quartz:

Here’s a little excerpt:

“In the Hello Sitter app, parents can pick from a menu of “qualities” that they are looking for in a sitter (options include “patient,” “playful,” “active,” and “disciplined”), make notes about their children, and select their desired booking date and time. The algorithm then spits out three matches, and parents can select which sitter they want.

Mansell thinks the system isn’t that different from how people have traditionally found babysitters. “The old-school way is a referral from a friend, but they haven’t vetted them necessarily,” she says. “They’ve used them so can say they were great, but you haven’t used them.””

Read the full article here

So thats what some of the press are saying about Hello Sitter. Of course you guys are important to us so we’d like to hear how you’re finding Hello Sitter if you’ve had chance to use us yet? If you have the app you can click here to start updating your profile and searching for sitters. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.