What parents want

With the launch of the app just around the corner and all hands on deck at Hello Sitter HQ, we couldn’t help but start thinking back to the very beginning. Why this all came about, why was there such a great need for a service like Hello Sitter in the first place? Founder, Lauren Mansell sums it up well,

“I just thought, why can I not have an app (there’s an app for everything!) where I can log on and request the very best babysitters new york has to offer for whenever I needed them. No waiting for them to tell me if they’re available.  No having to search to see if they’ve had a background check or CPR training. No minimum time. No cancelling my plans.

This isn’t available?  Well, I am going to make it available”

And so Hello Sitter was born from the genuine need of a busy NYC mama who had grown tired of the inconvenience of the traditional babysitter service. It no longer met the needs of parents all over New York, but what exactly are those needs? It was absolutely vital to find out and make sure the app delivered.

Lauren personally held focus groups, asked her friends and family, poured over research and gleaned from her own experience as a mother and although the needs of each family are unique to them, there we certain points that came up time and time again.

Attentive and engaging

It was really important to all parents that any sitter they hired would be attentive to the needs of their children. How can a sitter be properly engaging, playing and nurturing the child in their care when they are watching TV or on their phone the entire time.

We believe the solution to this challenge starts from the very beginning, the interviewing process. Background checks are vital and experience is key, but you cannot possibly tell from a piece of paper how passionate somebody is about their job. That is a major part of the reason why we personally interview each and every one of our babysitters. How do they talk about their previous experiences? Why did they get into childcare? What are their favorite games to play with children? Books to read? Do they have a particular age that they enjoy caring for? How would they describe their childcare style? Their answers give us invaluable insight into the type of babysitter they will be, it is abundantly clear who adore their job and who are deeply concerned about the children in their care. On top of this, we require multiple references from our sitters so that we can verify that they walk the walk as well as talk the talk. This is why we can confidently say that we only hire the best babysitters in New York City.

Detailed previous experience

Parents don’t just want to know that the sitter has experience; they want to know what experience they have. How many years experience do they have? What age range do they have experience caring for? Are they trained to care for special needs? These details are so important but finding out the information yourself is extremely time consuming and not exactly convenient when you need a sitter at the last minute.

So how does Hello Sitter help? We have done all the legwork for you, all of this information as well as the five traits that best describe each sitters style, is available within the app, presented to you in an easy to read sitter profile. It has never been easier to find the perfect sitter for your family.

Health and safety qualifications

As parents, as much as we try, our minds often go to the worst-case scenario. Most of these scenarios will never happen of course, but we totally understand that you need to feel 100% certain that the sitter you are leaving your child with can handle the situation should the worst happen. We are all about peace of mind.

Good communication

Your experience with a babysitter will often depend on boundaries and expectations being clearly communicated. But when it come’s too more sensitive subjects this isn’t always easy to do. We have taken a pro-active approach to communication by pre-empting questions and issues that commonly arise and providing clear answers for both the parent and the sitter.

Will my sitter be willing to do additional tasks?

It clearly states in the sitter profiles whether or not they are happy to do additional tasks (most are!) opening the way for you to discuss what those tasks are.

Do I need to tip the sitter?

No, and the sitters do not expect it. Since all payments are made automatically within the app there is no cash in hand.

Do I need to pay for my sitters travel?

Only in certain circumstances and even then we have a very reasonable standard policy so you don’t have to worry about it. If the booking runs later than 10pm, $20 will automatically be added to your booking to ensure the sitters gets home safely. If the booking is less than 2 hours, $5 will be added to your booking to cover the sitters travel expenses. Outside of this, no travel expenses are required. Simple.

Instant booking confirmation

You need a babysitter like, now, but your nanny is unavailable and your go to sitter isn’t responding to your messages. We’ve all been there. We understand that you can’t relax until the booking is confirmed. That’s why with Hello Sitter, you can see right away who is available at the date and time you need and book instantly. Instant book child care, right when you need it.

When it comes to childcare, we believe there should be no compromise; we aim to provide convenience without cutting corners. The best sitter’s in New York ready to help at the exact moment you need them. We are excited to see how this app helps parents across the city and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Hello Sitter x