Sitter Spotlight: Natalie C.

Sitter Spotlight: Natalie C.

Like so many others, Hello Sitter’s Natalie C. moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. But for the times she’s not on stage, she’ll happily have a dance party, do yoga, or just run around with your kids.

“I genuinely love kids; they can be so charming and funny, full of new ideas and joy,” Natalie effuses. “I often tell people that if I can’t be on stage performing, at least I can do a job that really brings joy to my heart.” She’s not just saying that: Natalie left a corporate gig that she wasn’t so fond of to become a sitter full time, so you know she’s the type who puts her passions and interests where her career is! This bubbly, bilingual Texas native, who practically bursts with pride talking about her brothers, has been babysitting for more than a dozen years, and charming little New Yorkers through Hello Sitter for a few months. Get to know this experienced NYC babysitter now!


Let’s be friends: I try really hard to connect with each child in the first few minutes of meeting them by asking questions and expressing interest in their interests. If I can win the child over in the beginning it’s usually smooth sailing from then on. They get excited to play with me and it relieves some of the stress of having a new adult around.

Shutting down separation anxiety: I always have something to “show them” whether it’s my phone case (it’s super distracting and glittery) or pulling something from their toy bin, etc. They usually forget why they were crying in the first place!

A good book: I just read a story called Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo and thought it was so charming. I’m a huge yogi and love that kids are being introduced to it as a calming mechanism. I’ve had so many kids want to “practice with me” if I show them a yoga pose or something.

Aww, sweetness… I was putting a 3 year old to bed once and he kept getting out because he “needed” something else. I had run the gamut of getting him water, his blanket, his favorite toy, etc so when he got up the last time I couldn’t imagine what else he could possibly need. He looked at me and said “I have to tell you something.” Hesitantly I asked “what?” And he ever so sweetly said “I love you” before giving me a hug and going right to sleep.

Top kid spots in NYC, go:
Union Square Park
Madison Square Park
Story time at Book Culture on the UWS
MoMath museum (it’s really awesome!!)
Rockefeller Park near Pier 26

Make us laugh: Two muffins are baking in an oven, one looks at the other and says “is it just me or is it hot in here?” The other screams and cries out “Ahh!! A talking muffin!”

Kids 👍 me: I’m a very high energy, active sitter, and I love to run around with kids and meet them at their level. I love to create obstacle courses or sing and dance if that’s something they’re into! I think kids appreciate having someone that wants to play adventure with them.

Education: B.A. Corporate Communications from Southern Methodist University with a minor in Arts Administration

Got sibs? Why yes I do and they’re the three greatest little brothers in the history of little brothers. I’m so proud of the young men they’ve grown up to be! Two are musicians in bands and the youngest is pursuing his theatre degree at Missouri State. 🙂

When you’re not working: Take classes, practice yoga, cook for friends!

The parents say: ★★★★★

“Natalie is fantastic! So warm and professional. Our kids fell in love with her instantly.” – Rachel K.


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