Sitter Spotlight: Megan M.

Sitter Spotlight: Megan M.

Engaged, playful, kind, capable: superstar NYC sitter Megan M. is exactly the kind of person you want caring for your kiddos. Highly experienced – 15 years! – and extremely energetic (she runs marathons!), Megan receives rave reviews from Hello Sitter parents, who find her to be a great communicator, easy to be around, and absolutely wonderful with their children. Ah… we love to hear that. But having interviewed her in person (charmed!), and spoken to her references (glowing!), we can’t say we’re surprised! Skim this interview and you too will quickly see what makes Megan M. so marvelous.

About Megan

Hails from: Chaska, MN

Welcome to New York: “I moved to NYC after graduating from college for two reasons: to experience something other than the Midwest and to work in and with New York City schools!”

Has her: B.A in English Language, Rhetoric, and Writing with a minor in French from the University of Kansas

A cool toy: “I think Bee-Bots or any toy that lets kids program/code are so mind-blowing!”

Fave with kids: “Have a dance party!”

A good book: Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Um, thanks?: “I once showed a five year old a picture of my old dog (a pug) and he told me that I looked just like the dog! It was so hilarious and unexpected there was no way I could be mad about it :)”

The five best for kids: Natural History Museum, Rockefeller Playground in Battery Park, Alice’s Tea Cup, Skating Rink at Chelsea Piers, Battery Park City Library

Good thing you didn’t say it would stunt her growth: “Once I came to a babysitting job with a cup of coffee and the little girl asked me if she could try some. I told her that she shouldn’t drink coffee because if she did she’d be bouncing off the walls. The next day, the parent texted me and told me that she asked the next day if she could have some coffee so she could ‘bounce off the walls like Megan.'”

Clean up, clean up: “I like to frame it as a relay race: they have to clean up all of their toys, dishes, etc. in a certain amount of time and in a certain order. It’s fun for the kids and it’s fun for me to watch as well!”

Secret sitter skills: “I have a wide range of funny voices that I whip out when reading with kids that are always a hit, or I’ve also found that asking kids what pet I should get has really helped kids warm up to me.”

In it for the kids: “I’ve always loved working with kids and helping them grow both academically and socio-emotionally. I recently left a job working in an elementary school to work for an educational technology company and missed working with kids so much I joined Hello Sitter!”

The parents say: ★★★★★

“Megan was lovely and she immediately connected with my son. She was fun, engaging, responsible, and easy-going.” – Dodie G.

“I’d give Megan six stars if I could! She was amazing, so sweet and hands on with my seven month old. She also ran errands for the family, and even tried three different stores to find what I was looking for! She’s very experienced and lovely to be around!” – Jorien K.

“Our son had a great time with Megan. He has been asking when Megan is coming back to play with him.” – Martina W.

“Megan is great! So sweet and fun for our little 9 months!”  – Sarah K.

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