Sitter Spotlight: Lory L.

Sitter Spotlight: Lory L.

Hello Sitter favorite Lory L. is one of those people who looks wonderful “on paper” – and is even more amazing IRL. She is smart, a lover of books who has bachelor degrees in both education and nutrition. She is creative to the core, a trained dancer who choreographs, makes art, and directs short films. She is kind and deeply caring, describing herself as a “lover of all humans.” And she has more than a dozen years of experience working with kids as a childcare provider and educator. What else do we need to say about this most vivacious of sitters? Let’s hand it over to Lory, and the NYC parents and families who LOVE her.

Meet Artistic NYC Babysitter Lory L.

Why NYC? “I moved to NYC to choreograph/direct more for film, music videos, events, and shows. I was offered a choreography job by REVLON for fashion week, I have many fellow artist friends and collaborators here, and absolutely love the energy, which all made me say “yes” to moving to this magical city! Thankful also that I found Hello Sitter, so that I am able to engage with young people!”

Got sibs? She has two: one older brother and one younger sister

You can’t be sad when you’re cracking up (aka Lory’s guide to dealing with separation anxiety): “I think laughter is so important to creating positive energy. I can’t help but sing silly songs or give them a goofy dance move to create smiles and laughter!”

Dream superhero power? “To have my creative genius with me 24-7!”

Funniest thing a child has said to you? “The list is infinite (because kids are, without inhibition, so funny). One time, a little girl and I came across a group of birds on the ground. I said, “Hey! Those birds sure are talking a lot! What are they saying?” She responded almost angrily with, “Um, Miss Lory, I CAN’T SPEAK SPANISH!” Ha! I couldn’t stop laughing….”

Why do you think kids like you? “I am honest and real with them. I ask a lot of detailed questions, promote and engage their creativity, and tell them fantastical stories. I believe they love the stimulation.”

Maybe it’s also because you love to: “Move (dance, yoga, play)! I also enjoy being in nature with children – the wonder they exude is a beautiful thing!”

Tricks of the trade: “Kids thoroughly enjoy seeing pictures of my dog Buster when they are melting down/sad. Also, sometimes I will pull out my Nikon camera and let them be a photographer.”

The parents say: ★★★★★

“Lory was amazing, superb, incredible!!!”  – Carrie B.

“Lory was so kind and communicative! My children loved her.”  – Jeanette M.

“My daughter ended up being sick during this booking and Lory handled it like a pro and kept me updated throughout the night.” – Lauren M.

“My son had a blast with Lory. She is very genuine and was in tune with what my son needed as well as what I needed. Highly recommend her!” – Kate L.

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