Sitter Spotlight: Katie H.

Sitter Spotlight: Katie H.

When it comes to sitters, Katie H. is a blast and a kid favorite through and through – after all what little one doesn’t love an enthusiastic and energetic NYC babysitter who’s up for anything? A former camp counselor (see pic: she’s a natural!), the Fairfax, VA native and production assistant now works for Hello Sitter in her spare time so she can keep hanging out with kids. “With younger kids, I love playing pretend and letting their imaginations run wild,” Katie says. “And being able to have real conversations with older kids about what interests them is one of the best parts of that age group.” And if the going gets tough, she’s a pro at turning frowns upside down, as her preferred superhero persona suggests: Kaptain Katie with the power to make kids laugh. She totally had us smiling with her seriously cheery interview….

Education: B.A. Communications, Fordham University   

Her other gig: Production assistant on The Dr. Oz Show

Sitter experience:
11 years

Got sibs?: Two sisters, one older and one younger

Fave kids’ book: Whatever they pick out –  I love seeing what stories they like the most. (Also, Rainbow Fish).

A super-cool toy: A gadget that melts crayons down into shapes, very seriously contemplated getting that one for myself!

Separation anxiety solution: Starting to play a game with them ASAP. For babies and toddlers, singing and dancing usually works.

Kids, they crack her up: When I asked for a rap off the top of his head, an 11-year-old immediately broke out with “My names Abe Lincoln/ I wear a tall hat/ I saved America from breaking in half.” He couldn’t continue because I was laughing so hard.  

Only in NYC: My funniest moment with a kid was somehow playing hide and seek in a studio space (there were a few columns and boxes but nothing else). It was hilarious to both of us, trying to find more places to hide.

Sitter smarts: Funny faces, snacks, playing lava tag, and making living room obstacle courses are my favorites.

A funny kid joke? “What do you call a cheese that’s not yours?” “Nacho cheese” (laughing to myself as I write this).

OK, time to clean up: I stop everything that we’re doing and calmly but firmly don’t let any further activities happen until we’re finished.

The parents say: ★★★★★

Katie was super nice and got lots of hugs from our little guy before heading out. Highly recommend. – Kyle B.

Katie was wonderful and my son loved her. I would absolutely use her again! – Danielle B.

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