Sitter Spotlight: Emma G.

Sitter Spotlight: Emma G.

Kind, patient, and empathetic: just some of the reasons Emma G. is a favorite of 22 Hello Sitter families and counting. And don’t forget imaginative: “I love when a child and I have invented a world together and they are so excited and involved,” Emma enthuses. Fresh out of drama school and in New York to pursue her acting career (she’s currently starring in Hindle Wakes at the Mint Theater Company), Emma originally hails from the Midwest, where she logged more than 100 volunteer hours. She’s worked as a restaurant server and a receptionist, but she says the babysitting she’s been doing for more than 10 years has been the most fun. “I love children. They remind me of the simple little joys in life that adults don’t take time to notice,” she says. “A flower is amazing, a book a whole new world.” Here’s a little more about what makes Emma such a fabulous, five-star sitter.   

Hello Emma

Originally from: Madison, WI

Has her: BFA in Drama from the North Carolina School of the Arts

Got sibs? “My younger sisters are named Rose and Nell and they are 18 year old twins! They are both incredibly smart and kind and I am proud to be their big sister.”

Emma’s separation anxiety solutions: “If they are very small, singing and funny noises. If they are a bit older, I ask them to tell me about their room or toys. We start talking about the plan for the night or day, what we want to do together or games we want to play. Sometimes I like asking if they will help me with something in the house, cooking dinner, running the bath, etc. which seems to help them feel in like we are in it together.”

Reading is cool: “I recently babysat for a wonderful family who had more books than I’ve ever seen! I have always loved reading and those kids certainly did and we had a lovely night pouring through those books!”

Trick of the trade: “Explain things to children. They are smart and intuitive. Don’t just say no, tell them why. Explaining that it makes you nervous that they will get hurt or that you don’t want the floor to get dirty because you just cleaned it helps them understand. They suddenly realize it’s not just a no to make them stop having fun.”

Let’s play: “I’m very imaginative and playful. I go with whatever the child has imagined.”

The parents say: ★★★★★

“Emma is an excellent babysitter – thoughtful and caring, very willing to go the extra mile to help out. We’d love to have her back.” – Amy P.

“Emma was amazing with our three children and puppy!!!” – Elizabeth F.

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