Sitter Spotlight: Brandi W.

Sitter Spotlight: Brandi W.

With a five-star parent rating in 100+ bookings, Brandi is one of the best babysitters in NYC and here at Hello Sitter. What makes her so great? Maybe it’s because she comes from a huge family (five siblings!) and grew up helping in her mom’s daycare. Maybe it’s because she can sing, enjoys “being silly,” and loves using her imagination. And it’s definitely because she genuinely adores children. Here’s more about HS kids’ beloved Brandi.

  • Hometown: Apple Valley, CA
  • Education: Associate Degree Business Administration, UC Riverside
    HB Studio (scholarship for acting and singing)
  • Superhero name and secret power: Electric Purple and my power would be to fly and time travel
  • If a kiddo is showing some separation anxiety: I do not make a big deal that they [the parents] are leaving and reinforce all the fun we will have and that it’s OK to miss Mommy and Daddy.

The parents say:
“Brandi was wonderful! She took care of our seven-week (!) old on a date night. She has great energy and took direction well. Made us very-new-parents feel comfortable.” –Audrey C.

“Brandi takes initiative, comes in cheerful every time, is playful with our children and makes them laugh. [She has] great read aloud voices and is very helpful.” –Tiere J.

“Brandi is amazing. Such great calming and happy energy. I love the way she sings to our three-month-old and is happy to help out around the house. She is a welcome relief to our small family and our baby loves her.” –Isa P.

Hello peace of mind
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