Sitter of the Month: Natasha W.

Sitter of the Month: Natasha W.

If versatility and experience are qualities that you’re looking for in an NYC babysitter – then Natasha is your girl! Seriously adored – and we’re talking seriously by parents, she’s one of our top ‘favorited’ sitters because of her professional, patient, and playful babysitting style. What’s particularly remarkable is how great she is with kids of all ages. Whether soothing infants (and nervous new parents), snuggling toddlers into naptime, charming preschoolers, or helping big kids with their homework, it’s like she can do no wrong.  Note the five star rating plus hundreds of bookings! And if we’re being completely honest, with her Masters Degree in School Psychology and more than 10 years of childcare experience, Natasha can sometimes make us feel a little under qualified as parents! Join us for a quick chat:

Best babysitter hacks, secret toys or tricks in your arsenal?

  • Have a sitter bag (can be just your purse) full of kid-friendly items, like stickers, a note pad, and a ziplock bag full of markers and crayons.
  • When it’s almost time to clean up, go to bed, or even prepare to go to the park, give them a time countdown “10 more minutes before bed.” This will mentally prepare them to stop playing, etc.
  • A lot of things can be turned into a game.

What do you think kids like about you? My storytelling abilities and creativeness

Top five playgrounds around the city?

    • Union Square Playground
    • Carroll Gardens Playground (love seeing all the hipster Brooklyn kids)
    • Tom Otterness Playground
    • Ancient Playground (by the Met)
    • Pier 6 Playground

If kiddo says Don’t go, mom: Depending on the age of the child if they’re feeling some separation anxiety I would turn to educational songs by Super Simply Songs on YouTube.

A funny kid joke? What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Education: Bachelors Degree Psychology, Masters Degree School Psychology

My other job is: Beauty and fashion photographer

Family ties: I have one brother and one sister, I’m the oldest

If I were a superhero: My talent would be omnilingualism

Natasha says: “I have over 10 years experience working with children of all ages. I love to do many fun activities with children such as, reading, art activities, going on a nature hunt, and so much more! I’m CPR certified and I’m continuously taking classes to educate myself in child development and safety.”

Search based on your kids’ needs

If finding an NYC babysitter used to be hard, booking one who was good with kids of different ages and needs was just about impossible. Now that Hello Sitter is here, that agony is over. Our curated search allows you to look for sitters who have experience with different ages. You can also search for sitters with specific personality traits or kid-friendly interests, who have experience with specific health or behavior issues, and more.