Sitter of the Month: Melissa W.

Sitter of the Month: Melissa W.

When Lauren decided to start Hello Sitter she knew one thing, the sitters had to be fantastic. After all, Lauren’s original frustration with finding great NYC babysitters and quickly for that matter, was the inspiration to create Hello Sitter in the first place! Melissa – with a five-star parent rating and countless rave reviews – is every parent’s dream babysitter. A recent review summed her up perfectly as “The best.”


  1. Hometown: Victor, NY
  1. Years experience babysitting: Nine years
  1. Best way to deal with separation anxiety: Distract them with a toy and reassure them that their parents will be home before they know it!
  1. Superhero talent: If I could have one talent it would be the ability to time travel.
  1. Learn from kids: I love when kids teach me about the things they’re passionate about. Seeing their eyes light up when they talk about what they love is so amazing!
  1. Education: Bachelor’s of Social Work and Bachelor’s of Psychology from Keuka College; Master’s of Social Work from NYU (I graduate in May!)
  1. Additional job: I currently intern with The Partnership for After School Education which is a child-focused organization that supports after-school programs and after-school professionals throughout the city.
  1. In the future: I hope to work for a nonprofit organization that works to serve/benefit kids. I love my current and past internships with Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  1. Crafts: Friendship bracelets are my “go-to” art project. I know how to make a variety of bracelets that are good for various ages.
  1. A cool toy: Colorful magnetic blocks


More about Melissa: “As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for working with children. I first started babysitting at 14 and then in high school I began working as a nanny for a family of three children. I also volunteered at a week long summer camp for children from inner-city Rochester, NY. As part of my Bachelors program, I’ve interned with Happiness House [upstate] which works with children who have various delays and disabilities and also at an elementary school in North Carolina. Overall, I think children are fascinating and there’s so much we can learn from them. I enjoy getting to know their individual interests and personalities and finding ways to engage them in creative ways.”


Melissa is one of our top-booked sitters – our only hope is that she’ll keep babysitting once she takes the nonprofit world by storm!

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