Parenting the Day After

Parenting the Day After

Ahh, date night in NYC, it’s so nice to finally get out and have some fun, grown-up style.  A drink or two, an amazing dinner, a cool show, connecting with friends… no doubt we all need that more often than we do it!

They can make you feel a little like Cinderella though, right? You’re out enjoying, but you turn down that extra glass of wine (or not), or you come home earlier than you’d like (or not), because you’re parents now and come morning you’re back on duty. And, unfortunately, the babysitter has to go home at some point.

Whether you indulged in a late night or not, facing down the demands of parenting the day after a rendezvous can be trying. Especially if you’re the proud parents of NYC’s earliest rising children.

We’ve been there, and our experience has led us to compile this collection of tips and tricks.

Take shifts: The two of you are a team, but you don’t both have to be playing at the same time. Tag in and out while the other naps.

Book an activity: Book a sitter on Hello Sitter with an hour’s notice to get the kids out of the house with a morning or afternoon activity. Or have the sitter watch the kids while you recuperate!

Unveil a new toy: Occupy your kids with a fab new toy, something designed to hold their attention without requiring yours for some time. Duplos, Legos and other building toys do the trick for some children.

Try a day date: Check out that gallery show or enjoy brunch sans kids for once, and reap the many benefits of the day date, without worrying that tonight will ruin tomorrow.

Go out more often: Sometimes date night gets a little crazy because it’s been so long since you really relaxed, right? Solution: Make it a more frequent event so you’re not quite so pent up

Or really the smartest move of all, plan ahead and book a sitter for the morning after. They can entertain the kids until you are human enough to be a parent!