Our sitters

Get to know our sitters, who they are and how we choose them

A better vetting process

Through our in depth vetting process we make sure we bring to you only the most qualified, trustworthy and reliable sitters in New York City.

  • Application

    • Each new referral fills out an in-depth application form outlining experience and qualifications.

  • Interview

    • Successful applicants will then be invited in for a personal interview which gives us the opportunity to re-confirm the information and get to know the applicant as a person

  • Background checks

    • Background checks are carried out during the interview and include national criminal databases, sex offenders and terrorist lists, review of DMV records, SSN validation and review of previous address

  • References

    • Multiple references provided by the sitter are then reviewed to verify previous experience along with social media checks




Although the process is rigorous, once our sitters are approved, we make sure to take care of them and provide ongoing training in vital areas such as young infant care.