Lovely on the Links

Lovely on the Links

FOUR! Mompreneur and former fashion exec Megan LaMothe just launched FORAY GOLF, her fashion-forward, limited-edition, high-performance line of women’s golf attire (if you’ve ever shopped for clothes to wear on the course you know is a long time coming!). We love the first pieces, most of which are already sold out, and of course wanted to know how Megan is managing building a business with being a mom and wife. She graciously answered our questions and shared some behind-the-scenes pics of her life here.



A FORAY design


Tell us a little about FORAY.
Our clothes are breaking the mold of what people have (unfortunately) come to expect out of golf apparel: old-looking, poorly fitting styles that make you look like you shopped in your great aunt’s closet. We follow actual fashion trends, colors, fits, and silhouettes and make them golf-ready.

 No one has been paying attention female golfers. Just turn on the LPGA tour. All of these women are real athletes, but their shirts were cut incorrectly because when they swing their club, their stomach shows. What IS that?! These women are professional golfers. This is part of the reason why we are obsessed with fit and ensuring we start with the best fabrics that we know will deliver.

Also, we intentionally make everything in small quantities no more than 200 pieces of any style so you have to buy them now before they’re gone. Our head of design is a former colleague of mine and is totally a creative genius. She never travels backwards, and as a golfer herself, seamlessly applies all the latest fashion trends to the course.

Megan named her company in honor of her daughter, whose name is Rae (it’s for Rae, get it?)

Now tell us about your daughter!
She JUST turned a delightful 21 months. She’s growing and changing so fast now that it’s hitting us a like a tidal wave. Last week she spouted out five new words and yesterday she used the potty by herself… and then applauded afterwards! I like a girl who knows how to celebrate.

Have you always worked full time since you had your daughter? 

I usually say that I like the hustle – by that I mean, I am at my most happy when I have a problem to solve or something difficult to overcome. So, when I ended up leaving my position Victoria’s Secret in October, I founded FORAY GOLF in November. 

What’s been the hardest part of childcare for you?
The hardest part of childcare is keeping the moving pieces at work and at home all in motion at the same time: jumping from a conference call with the factory to ordering groceries quickly online, making sure we have sitter coverage while planning Fall inventories. Working moms RARELY get to do one thing at a time and, honestly, sometimes we forget. I love Hello Sitter because not only do I know the quality of sitters is above par, but I know they will be there to catch me if I fall.   

Megan preps press samples at FORAY’s NYC headquarters.

Your top three tips for working parents juggling their dreams and their (dream) children?

1) It’s never be exactly as you planned; said another way, be flexible.  Sometimes the mistakes, snafus, and kerfuffles ARE the good times.

2) No one looks exactly the same, and similarly no one parents exactly the same. There’s a lot of pressure to fit into the mold of what the “right” mom/dad does. You never know what anyone is dealing with at home, work, or life, so unless someone is getting hurt, just be cool, ok?

3) Don’t forget to enjoy it. There are so many moments that we’re just trying to keep our head above water.  We have to remember to look around and wonder at the view… after that we can plunge back into the beautiful insanity of simultaneous working and parenting.


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