Hello Sitter Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Sitter Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring products created by Hello Sitter users

While our sitters are engaging and entertaining the younger generation, NYC parents are often hard at work on really cool entrepreneurial projects and businesses. Here’s the proof: Hello Sitter parents created every single gorgeous product in our holiday gift guide. Super inspiring, right? Our customers (kids and adults alike!) are amazing. Now, let’s shop! 

For your little cuties:

LIVLY Rosie cotton dress, $89, and cashmere cardigan (featured photo), $111

–dreamy prints and the softest fabrics

Founder: Lisa C., mom of five (including twins!)


For a true believer:

MAS bisjoux Mini Magix Unicorn Necklace, $495

 –luxury modern jewelry

Founder: Morgan Shara, mom of three

“We love Hello Sitter! Not only has it helped my life when I need an extra set of hands, but all three of my children have created friendships with these ‘big friend/counselor type’ wonderful capable young women. No other sitter app has come close and having Lauren, the founder of Hello Sitter, guide me to who will be best for my family, has really been a  game changer. Thank you so much for this amazing addition to our family dynamic! Good vibes from Great Girls!”


For the food lover:

The Yellow Table: A Celebration of Everyday Gatherings cookbook, $24.95, and Yellow Table Weekly, a meal-planning subscription service

 –from the blog of the same name, featuring simple, healthy meal ideas

Founder: Anna C., mom of one (and one on the way!)

Hello Sitter has saved me “too many [times] to list 🙂

For your new-mom friend:

 Maia Moda Maia Top, $95

 –chic and functional maternity and breastfeeding clothing for the modern mom

Founder: Veronica H., mom of two 

“From the first time we used Hello Sitter we were hooked, the application is so easy to use and the quality of the sitters has far exceeded our expectations.  We are big fans of using Hello Sitter on a weekend morning to start the weekend off right and get a little more sleep, especially now with a newborn that likes to party all night.”


For you (err, your best friend):

Preston & Linnie Lucite Bubble Necklace, $985

 –contemporary art jewelry made with unconventional materials

Founder: Kim D., mom of one 

“Hello Sitter was a lifesaver setting me up with our regular sitter, Georgia, who picks my son up twice a week from daycare and does his evening routine with him. We occasionally have to work late, and having a sitter we trust and our son loves is a lifesaver!”


For the tiny queen of accessories:

bug & bean LOVELETZ headband and bracelet sets, $19.99 each

–mix and match charms and accessories

Founder: Faith R., mom of three

We started using Hello Sitter when it was first in beta and have not stopped!  Our regular Saturday night sitter, an actress, fortunately for her got a long-term summer play and a holiday show.  Not so lucky for us however!  We now rely on Hello Sitter for our Saturday nights out and our kids love meeting new sitters!”


For your best friend:

 Glosslab Mani/Pedi, $49

–clean, efficient, cashless: the perfect modern nail salon

Founder: Rachel G., mom of two

“Hello Sitter has been a LIFESAVER several times for a last minute night out!”


For the constant traveler:

How To Pack: Travel Smart For Any Trip, $11

–from the author of popular blog Hitha On The Go

Founder: Hitha P., mom of one

“I had a last-minute Sunday meeting with two investors and no one to watch my son. Hello Sitter paired me with an amazing sitter in just seconds. I was able to focus on work, and Rho had a wonderful afternoon with a new friend.”


For the stylish golfer:

FORAY Golf East Hampton Garden Skirt, $140

avant-garde women’s golf apparel

Founder: Megan L., mom of one

“One day I had a big presentation for work first thing in the morning so my mother was going to come down from upstate New York to take care of my daughter. Well at 3 a.m. it started snowing up there and was so terrible by 6 a.m. that she couldn’t even get the car down her driveway! So, after initially panicking, I opened my Hello Sitter app and had someone confirmed and at my door by 8:30 a.m.! Oh and the presentation turned out great!”


For your kiddo’s teachers:

Photo prints, $7-$20

–city-centric landscapes and still lifes

Founder: Mandalyn R., mom of two

“Hello Sitter is a lifesaver when I have to book a last-minute photo shoot and need someone to care for my boys.”

Happy shopping! x

  • Veronica Horner

    Thanks so much for the feature! Currently getting some work done while using Hello Sitter!