Hello Sitter

Hello Sitter is now my newest baby.
It is crazy the attention a business requires and the emotion that it creates – just like a child.
It can keep me up night, it can reduce me to tears but it can also make me incredibly proud and allows me a great sense of achievement.

It is hard, if anyone ever tells you otherwise they are lying to you, and there are days when you wonder what on earth you were thinking but it is worth it.

To know that I have created something that will help fellow parents brings me great joy, to know that you can have peace of mind which in turn allows you to be fully present in whatever you are doing truly brings me happiness.

I always used to (and of course sometimes still do) get the ‘mom guilt’ – you know that feeling where you feel like you really should be at home – yes I need to be at work but she’s sick, should I have called in sick?
Or, I really really don’t need this manicure when she doesn’t have a ‘connection’ with the sitter (I do kind of – my nails are literally disgusting but I kind of don’t)
Date night?  Why do we need this? Yes I haven’t spent one hour alone with my other half in a month but is it NECESSARY?

The guilt is in fact how I came up with the idea for Hello Sitter.  I wanted to have sitters that were fantastic, that Adrienne loved to be with, so much so that she didn’t care when I left.  If she is happy then I am happy and then I could enjoy the reason I was hiring a sitter in the first place!  Oh and also the fact that I am the most forgetful person on the planet!  I am the mom that only remembers that it is a half day of school when I drop her on said day and the teacher reminds me.  My day then goes like this: “I have 2 hours to get a sitter – oh great!”, frantically text all of my regular sitters, hope my nannies other family magically doesn’t need her that afternoon, text friends and then finally move my meeting/appointment/lunch date as nobody was available.

I just thought why can I not have an app (there’s an app for everything!) where I can log on and request the very best sitters for whenever I needed them. No waiting for them to tell me if they’re available.  No having to search to see if they’ve had a background check or CPR training. No minimum time. No cancelling my plans.
This isn’t available?  Well, I am going to make it available (crazy mom thinking she can take over the World) …

Hello Sitter.  Hello Peace of Mind.

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