What is Hello Sitter?

Who are we?

Hello Sitter is an on-demand babysitting service founded in New York City by a mom named Lauren, who saw the need for a little spontaneity every once in a while.  We provide parents a way to schedule fully vetted, carefully curated and highly experienced sitters in a quick and stress-free way. We take the worry and the time out of searching for a babysitter by connecting you with the best matched sitters, available for your time and date so you never have to wait for them to get back to you again.

How does it work?

After signing up and telling us a little bit about your children and what you want in a babysitter you can select the date and time you need and our very clever technology matches you with the perfect fit.  You can view each sitters profile, read reviews from fellow parents and even watch a short video.  Anyone matched to you is available, so go ahead and hit book and it’s as easy as 123.

We have taken a lot of time to find the very best sitters, so you can rest assured that they have gone through a vigorous vetting process

Which areas do you currently serve?

We currently serve New York City, Brooklyn and The Hamptons.

Babysitter Vetting Process

How do you choose your sitters?

The majority of the sitters are referred by their friends on the platform and the rest are personally recruited by Lauren and the Hello Sitter team in New York City and the Hamptons.

What does their application involve?

After being referred they have to fill out an application form, the team then review this and decide whether they will be the right fit before bringing them in for an interview.  If they are successful, they come in and meet the team and are put through our interview process.  If they pass this, they have to provide multiple references that are personally checked, they go through a thorough background check, and then finally we personally look at their social media accounts.

What does a background check look for?

We search against the sexual offenders list, the terrorist watchlist, criminal database and DMV motor vehicle records. As well as a social security number (ID) validation and a screen on their last residence.

Are they CPR trained?

Currently 80% of our babysitters are CPR trained.

Can they drive?

New York: It will state on their profile if they have a valid license
Hamptons:  Every sitter on-boarded for the Hamptons has a driving license

Booking a Babysitter

How quickly can I book a sitter?

Minutes.  All it involves is selecting the date and time you need a sitter, looking at their profiles if you want to and hitting book.  Everyone you view is available so you can rest assured that you are booked.

How soon can they be with me?

All of our sitters have their own app so their availability is up to date to the minute.  Therefore it can be as little as 1 hour in New York City and within 3 hours in the Hamptons.

How far in advance can I book?

You are able to schedule a booking up to 10 days in advance.

How do I communicate with my sitter?

Once you have confirmed your booking you are provided with the sitters telephone number so you are able to directly call or text them.

Is there a minimum time I can book a sitter for?

New York: No, for bookings that are 2 hours or less you pay an additional $10 to cover the sitters transport.
Hamptons:  We have a 3 hour minimum due to the travel involved for Hamptons bookings.

What if I want the same babysitter each time?

Parents have the ability to favorite a sitter after a booking is complete.  A favorite sitter means that if they are available they will be the first to be matched to you. In addition you will be able to view their full calendar of availability and book them direct from the ‘my sitters’ tab on the app.

What if I want to make a recurring booking with the same sitter?

You are able to do this in the app on the ‘book’ tab.  Tap in exactly what you are looking for and our team will reach out with a number of sitters that match your request.

Can my sitter do other things besides looking after my child?

The most important thing for them to do is look after your child of course.  However, on their profiles they will state whether they are happy to do other tasks (most are!)

HELP! My sitter has not turned up?

We hope that this will never happen to you, however should it please call us immediately on 917-501-5639 and we will contact your sitter and then if need be find you someone to step in.


How can I give feedback on a booking?

At the end of a booking you will be asked to rate your experience from awful to excellent.  You can also provide private feedback to Hello Sitter and a public review for fellow parents.

Can I favorite a sitter?

Yes, we encourage you to favorite sitters that you would love to keep using as favorites will be the first matched to you when searching. In addition you will be able to view their full calendar of availability and book them direct from the ‘my sitters’ tab on the app.

Can I give private feedback to Hello Sitter?

Yes, we encourage you to let us know anything you want to tell us.  We have made it possible to write a public review to help other parents but also a private review that only Hello Sitter can see. This way you can tell us anything on your mind!

Why should I give a public review?

We know that sometimes reviews can be time consuming but the main reason is to help fellow parents.  By giving reviews it allows everyone else to see how great your experience was and helps other parents feel confident in booking a sitter.

Rates & Payment

What are your rates?

New York: $21/hr per child, $23/hr for 2, $25/hr for 3, $27/hr for 4, $30/hr for 5 and 6 children.
Hamptons: $25 per hour for 1 – 2 children, $27 for 3 – 4 children, $35 for 5 – 6 children, 6+ children we will assign you 2 sitters.  The Hamptons also has surge pricing, this is based on demand, specifically based on the number of sitters left for the requested time, but will never be more than $20 increase.

Is there a membership or subscription fee?

No.  At Hello Sitter we believe in only paying for the time you are using a sitter.

When do you charge me?

You are only ever charged when a booking has come to an end, it is automatic through the card details you provided so no need for cash!

I got home early / late – what happens then?

You are only charged for the time you use.  Therefore, if you are early it will be less than originally quoted.  If you are late you are charged up until the end of the booking.

What about transport costs?

New York: After 11pm $10 is automatically added to your service in order for the sitter to get home safe.
Hamptons: Fuel is reimbursed to the sitter at 35 cents a mile but will never exceed $20.

Do I need to tip?

No and sitters do not expect this.

Cancellation Policy

New York: You can cancel a sitter up to up to 24 hours before scheduled start time with no charge. 24 hours to 4 hours before the start time is a $20 charge, within the 4 hour period there is a fee of $45
Hamptons: You can cancel a sitter up to 6 hours before scheduled start time with no charge.  Within the 6 hour period there is a fee of $50.

Becoming a sitter

How can I get a job as a sitter?

Great, we’re so happy you want to be part of the Hello Sitter family!  We have a few requirements that you should check out before applying, if you meet these then please email admin@hellositter.com and we can help you with next steps.  We look forward to meeting you!

What are your requirements before I apply?

In order to become part of the community of Hello Sitter you need to meet these requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Have an iPhone (we are not available on iPad or Android)
  • Live in the Greater New York area