Divine Femme

Divine Femme

It’s a new year – happy 2018, friends! For many of us that means making resolutions and vowing to do some things a little differently this year. If mindfulness, creating better balance, and managing stress are tops on your list, allow us introduce you to spiritual teacher and Hello Sitter user Margaret Nichols. The founder of Urban Oneness, an NYC mediation community, Margaret adapts ancient eastern philosophies about consciousness and acceptance to our manic modern lives. And she recently began focusing on spiritual coaching programs devoted to empowering women. We asked her to share more about her work and why it’s so essential in this moment.

Meet spiritual teacher Margaret Nichols

First off, tell us a little about you.

I live in the West Village of NYC and have for (OMG) 20 years now. I have one 13 month old baby boy, Bo. My partner, his dad, also has two 9-year-old twin boys who are older brothers to Bo that we have part time.

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And your work… what is a spiritual feminist?

I love the phrase spiritual feminist! I don’t classify myself that way, but I will steal it from now on. 🙂 I’d call myself more of a meditation or spiritual teacher. I’ve been leading workshops and teaching for over 11 years in NYC, online, and in retreats around the world from India to Peru. My work centers around awakening and mindfulness, which just means finding ways to be present and transform the areas of our mind that drag us down (ie. having an unruly child and not getting upset about!). In the last few years, I’ve been concentrating on DIVINE FEMME, which is my version of female empowerment and leadership: the ability to be strong and take ownership without losing softness – paramount for mamas.

Why is this so important right now?

It’s hard not to notice that the world has gone completely bananas lately. From a spiritual perspective, many actually see this as a good thing: a detox that needs to happen individually and collectively so we can find a healthy way of seeing and operating in the world. This kind of work is so important, because it keeps us able to stay sane in the midst of it! It trains our mind and bodies to react differently to situations so that we can make conscious choices rather than just be reactive.

Sounds ideal! Especially when talking about busy NYC parents, right?

NYC moms (and residents in general!) are particularly ambitious and want the best for their child. They are educated and savvy and often have incredibly complex and sophisticated lives! It’s essential that we foster peace of mind because the calmer we can be about all aspects of our life, the more joy and ease we will have with our whole family… and isn’t that the point of things after all!

Yes, absolutely! What’s coming up for you and for your Urban Oneness community?

In 2018, I will be holding meditations and courses online and in person in NYC.  In the city, I’m partnering with the Motherhood Center to offer special meditations for women who are pregnant or recently had babies! I also have things year round out in the Hamptons.

Is it safe to assume Hello Sitter plays a role in accomplishing all of this?

Hello Sitter has been my savior in my first year of motherhood! I’m a work at home mom, which means I try to squeeze things in when I can. Sometimes, if I have to record a podcast or interview, or really just need a few hours to get through things, Hello Sitter has been incredible. Hiring a regular sitter or nanny doesn’t work with my schedule which is often last minute and never the same day to day. If it weren’t for Hello Sitter, I also never would have made it to the doctor or dentist all year. I’ve been constantly delighted with the quality of sitter and how well they took care of my baby. Endless gratitude!

Where to Find Balance

Margaret leads workshops, events, and retreats for individuals and business in NYC, the Hamptons, and beyond. You can also find inspiration on her Instagram and Facebook pages.