A Better, Faster Search for NYC’s Best Babysitters

A Better, Faster Search for NYC’s Best Babysitters

We’re making it even easier to find the right NYC babysitter for your family, right now. Hello Sitter is an iOs app. But it’s also – actually, it’s primarily – a babysitting service, powered by humans. We have hundreds of experienced, interviewed, and fully-vetted sitters behind our elegant interface available to care for the kids of NYC and the Hamptons. And our updated app grants Hello Sitter parents access to those fantastic sitters like never before.

Now parents can send their requests out to all available sitters in our service who match their family’s needs. Whereas before users could request to up to five available and relevant sitters, this new booking tool reaches many more sitters. It enables parents to find a sitter they love, confirm their bookings faster than ever, and feel like they’ve accomplished something. (That would be securing a top-notch sitter for their kiddo so they can work/go out/get stuff done – feels good, right?!).

Here’s how it works.

The initial sitter search is the same.

  • Parents search for a sitter when they need one.
  • The search results show up to five available and/or favorited sitters who are a match with the family’s desired sitter qualities.
  • From these search results, parents can view each sitter’s profile and read reviews of the sitters.
  • Parents select the sitter/sitters they prefer from the search results, and send out their request. If the parents send the request to more than one sitter from the search results, the booking will be confirmed with the first sitter to accept.   

The new feature allows parents to request more sitters.

  • The new booking system also alerts all other available sitters who match the requirements. The “all call” request is sent out immediately if the parents are requesting a sitter within three hours. This assures parents who need a sitter immediately that they’ll confirm one quickly.
  • If the request is not quite as urgent, the “all call” requests don’t go out right away. Instead they are sent to available sitters either an hour or two hours after the request is made, depending on when the sitter is needed, and only if the request has not already been accepted. 
  • Sitters receiving these “all call” requests can accept them. But in these cases, the booking isn’t confirmed until a parent has accepted the sitter’s “offer” to babysit.
  • Parents can always view a sitter’s profile and read user reviews before confirming the sitter for a booking.

At Hello Sitter  we call this new feature the “fast booking flow,” because it keeps requests for bookings from getting stuck in limbo if a requested sitter fails to confirm (which can occasionally happen – after all, Hello Sitter is a service that just happens to be available through an app). We think you’ll find it 👏👏👏.

Update for Faster Bookings

Update your app for this new feature to be automatically applied to all booking requests. If you have any questions about any part of the booking process, reach out to the humans behind the interface and we’ll happily assist! Hello Sitter, hello peace of mind.