Another app that saves me time?

Another app that saves me time?

Anyone that knows me is aware that I like everything to be easy and convenient (pretty obvious seeing as I decided to make an app for it!).  However, I don’t like to sacrifice quality – it is important for those things that are quick and seamless to still result in an amazing experience.

Since I started Hello Sitter I have a lot less time to do things that are more of a luxury (basically no time!) because if I am not working I like to spend my time with Ady. That meant that going to get my hair blown out or a mani/pedi became non-existent until I found an app for it!

PRIV is an on-demand beauty and wellness app which means I can get a stylist to come to my apartment whenever I want. I know, genius! So now, I can have someone come at 8am and they can blow out my hair whilst I eat breakfast with Ady, or I get them to come after I have put her to bed. It allows me to feel good about myself (who doesn’t with bouncy hair?) without sacrificing any time with her.

They offer services from hair to personal training, massage to nails – they really do have everything covered.  Ady and I even got matching mani’s done (that’s the pic above).  Not only is it both easy and convenient, the service and result is of the highest quality (see my earlier point about this being just as important!)

So, the reason I am telling you about this is not only make you aware of how fab it is but also because we have partnered with PRIV to offer our lovely Mama’s a discount (you can thank me later).

Throughout the month of August, simply enter the code ‘hellopriv’ in each respective app for $20 off PRIV services and $20 off Hello Sitter services!

So get booking – make mama feel good and go do something you’ve been waiting to do in forever. The kids will be having so much fun with the sitter they won’t even notice you’ve left!

Lauren xx