Activities to beat the Rainy Day Blues

Activities to beat the Rainy Day Blues

Don’t you just love Spring? Everything is warming up, blooming and turning green – we all feel the call to get up, stop hibernating, and go outside! The only trouble is, Spring can also be the soggiest time of year with rainy days keeping us all inside (Umm like yesterday!)

So, we’ve rounded up some fun activities that you and the little ones can do on those days to keep everyone happy.

Make some origami frogs … and see how far they jump

Folding origami can be a great zen activity by itself, but what’s even better is when you can use it to play a game with after. Fold up as many of these frogs as you want, then draw up a bullseye and see who can get their frogs to jump the best (just use plain paper and some crayons!)

Make some play-dough

Everyone enjoys play-dough, from the itsy bitsy to the grown children. Store bought play-dough isn’t so good for kids to eat though (how is it that everything always ends up in their mouth?)  Here’s a recipe that where you won’t have that worry  and you can whip it up anytime for some sculpting fun.

Make some Art

Kids all love painting but sometimes you just don’t know what to do with the tenth masterpiece.  Why not mix it up and create some beautiful creations, made simply with just a few household products.  Here’s an easy projects for kids of all ages to make that you may actually want to frame! (No advanced artistic skills required!)

Play tennis inside

Sometimes the worst thing about being cooped up inside is that the kids are bouncing off the walls.  Playing ball or running in the house (especially when it’s our very spacious NYC apartment) isn’t the best option. You can, however, make a safe game of “tennis” happen with just some paper plates and a balloon.

Hey, if all else fails snuggle under the covers and put that fail-safe movie on.

Happy Weekend Everyone!