A Charmed Life

A Charmed Life

We absolutely adore the bug & bean LOVELETZ line of headbands, bracelets, and charms created by Hello Sitter user Faith R. With bug & bean, girls can mix, match, and swap cute charms and style their own looks, a brilliant idea as any parent of a tiny fashionista knows! Although her kiddos “help” her brainstorm ideas for the newly launched brand, Faith admits it’s a ton of work to build a business and we’re completely impressed with what the working mom, wife, and avid traveler has built and is selling on Amazon! So of course we had to ask her a million questions about how she pulled off this side hustle while raising three NYC kids, and what the future looks like for bug & bean.

Meet Faith, founder of bug & bean LOVELETZ

First off, introduce us to you and your family.

Josh and I have been married nearly 12 years, together over 17! We have three kids, Gabriella (bug) who is almost eight, Lillian (bean) who is almost five, and Zachary who is almost three. We live in the West Village but you can play ‘where in the world are the Rosens’ often as we love to travel all over the world, sometimes laying on the beach in remote places like the Philippines, other times in more adventures and active locations like the Amazon in Brazil.   

Where did the idea for bug & bean come from?

I am always thinking about new ideas and now my older daughter does as well. We were on vacation and came up with this idea, and then spent the rest of the vacation brainstorming and figuring out how we could make and sell a product. Having two girls who love fashion and crafts has sparked quite a few ideas so hopefully we will grow and develop more products that kids of all ages can enjoy. Zachary is starting to put on the headbands so now I am beginning to think of some new ideas for boys as well! I would love to see us tie this more to our love of travel and exploring new places with the kids.

With three young kids and a part-time job, how did you find the time to even start a new business?

I find the more things I take on doing, the more efficient I am. It might seem a little backwards but it forces me to be more aware of how I utilize my time.

Right, but you must have some help, right??

I have an amazing nanny who has been with our family since my oldest child was six months old who is super flexible with our schedules. Plus Hello Sitter has been such a great resource for me. I can always easily get a great last minute sitter if I need extra help during the week. And on the weekends I never have to stress that I won’t be able to find someone on a Saturday night, which is always our night to go out.

What’s your favorite date night spot?

One of my favorite date night activities is going to dinner followed by Great Jones Spa for massages and hanging out in the water lounge. It’s a great winter, Saturday night, relaxing thing to do.

Any advice for other parents who’d love to start their own business?

Think of it as a hobby and make it fun. If I put pressure on myself I find it becomes less fun. I also think it’s a great teaching opportunity for my kids. Every time my older daughter asks for something in a store I can now say, “better sell more bug & bean!” When she asks how many and I tell her 100 she definitely understands how much work you need to do to make money for things and it makes her appreciate what she has.

Faith and her family have been using Hello Sitter since the beginning (back when the app was in beta!) and haven’t stopped. They have loved all of the sitters they’ve used, but if they had to pick just one, Elizabeth M.  would win for their absolute favorite.