5 alternative activities for little New Yorkers

There’s no shortage of things to do in New York City. But sometimes, trying to think of something a little different for your kids to do can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 cool things your kids can do in New York – and if you’re allowed to go with them, you’ll probably end up having some fun too!

For the Rock Stars – Chord Club

When I was a kid all I wanted, was to be a rock star. So I got packed off to Guitar Lessons with my teacher who would make me learn dull Jazz songs he had composed himself. It was more lead balloon than Led Zeppelin.

Childhood music lessons can scar your kids for life, so don’t give them a reason to resent you when they grow up! The Chord Club will help to solidify your crown as an awesome parent who “gets it”. These guys offer cool, contemporary early childhood music classes in NYC.

Their teachers are are hand-picked, New York City-based musicians, singer/songwriters, movers, & shakers, who are also early childhood educators and eager to share their love of music to budding stars.

If Guitar, Bass or drums isn’t their thing they even offer DJ classes for the discerning hip hop and electronic music fans.

Find out more: www.thechordclub.com
Location: 207 East 94th Street, 5th Fl, New York, New York 10128
Contact: 212 246-7369

For the concrete surfers – Skateboard School

New York City, it’s a concrete jungle and we love it. With so much of the grey stuff around, your kids might want to make use of it and take up skateboarding. The thing with a hobby like skateboarding is that it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately you don’t need to abandon them to the mean streets to fend for themselves, in New York City you have plenty of safe options for places where your kids can learn to skateboard.

A great place to start would be Luiz Louie’s school who offer private and group lessons in different spots around the city. Lessons are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Their courses start can teach them the absolute basics (like stopping) to how to ride off curbs, tic tacs and kick turns, through to more advanced stuff like ollies, heelflips and kickflips. Prices start from $40 a lesson for group lessons.

Another place we found was Homeage skateboard Academy. Based in Brooklyn, these guys have their own shop as well as offering group and private lessons. If your kids are born super cool they even offer private lessons for under 5’s!

Find out more: http://www.homageskateboardacademy.com
Location: 615 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY11217
Contact: 718 596-8151

For the Crafty Kids – Voila Chocolatier

The idea for Voila Chocolat came about when founder Peter Moustakerski hosted a make-your-own arts and crafts birthday party for his daughter. He couldn’t help but notice how blissfully immersed chidren and adults alike became whilst working with their hands. In an increasingly digital world, the novelty of working with your hands is becoming more satisfying and novel.

The Voilà Chocolat team invite everyone to come and discover for themselves the surprisingly rewarding and entertaining experience of making chocolates.

We agree with Voila’s assertion, that people have the most fun while acquiring new skills, such as learning how to craft a fine chocolate bar. So a trip to Voila will help you to hone your artisanal techniques required for high-quality chocolatiering.

Voila Chocolat is all about having fun and memorable experiences with family and friends. After all, whats not to love about making, decorating, giving and eating chocolates!

So for a bit of quality, healthy, artisanal, sustainable fun, why not pay a visit to Voila Chocolatier!

Find out more: www.voila-chocolat.com

Location: 221 W 79TH Street, New York, New York, 10024

Contact: 212 920-8799

For the Little Jamie Olivers – Cooking Classes

“English kids think carrots grow on trees” so the articles went a few years ago. Oh the shame. But is it just English kids who are a little clueless about where their food comes from? Probably not. Do you remember the kids from Huntington West Virginia, who didn’t know what Tomatoes were?

But saving yourself from embarrassment is not the only reason to teach your kids how to cook. The truth is, taking your kids to cookery classes helps them to learn so many things, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. They’ll learn to cook from scratch for themselves, which means they will be more aware of what they are eating. This will enable them to make healthier choices.

On top of this they will also learn to improve their reading and comprehension through recipes. They learn Math and Science through the need to weigh and measure accurately. They will also learn practical lessons, such as that the final outcome will be better when they follow the instructions carefully.

Kids are able to use what they learn at cooking school at home with parents, which builds responsibility and independence by following directions, cleaning up after themselves, understanding of time when they wait for their preparations, and contributing to the household. Overall, cooking lessons will give your kids a positive sense of accomplishment with tangible result.

AND you get to eat their culinary delicacies. Win. Win.

If you’re looking for top quality cooking classes for kids why not try Taste Buds Kitchen in New York City or Chef Toni’s cooking adventures.

Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures
Find out more: http://cheftoniscookingadventures.com/
Location: 967 Columbus Ave Ste B1, Between W 107th & W 108th St.
New York, NY 10025
Contact: 646 682-7769

Taste Buds Kitchen
Find out more: http://tastebudskitchen.com
Location: Numerous locations, check the website for details http://tastebudskitchen.com/locations/

For the future Zuckerbergs – Sony Wonder Technology Lab

If your kids love all things interactive, this is the place for them. At the SWTL they will be able to create their own animated characters, direct their own TV show, have their own dance moves performed by an animated character or even create their own computer game. If that’s not enough they can play with robots and be immersed in their favourite shows such as Dora the explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesamie Street all in super high definition.

Most of the exhibits are suitable for older kids age 7 and above, but they do have some exhibits which are suitable for kids age 3 and above.

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is free to visit, but it does get busy so we’d recommend making a reservation.

Find out more about it at www.sonywondertechlab.com
Location: 550 Madison Avenue, 56th Street, New York City
Contact: (212) 833-8100

We hope you like the ideas, hopefully one of them will appeal to your kids personalities. We’ll keep the suggestions coming.

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