Ady’s Top 6 Picks (we’re talking clothes!)

Happy Friday, Spring and Easter all rolled into one! It appears the temperature seems to be slowly creeping up and I am very excited! This weekend we have some fun activities planned, from lunch with new friends (who have a daughter the same age as Ady) to easter egg hunting at The High Line Hotel which looks adorable (plus I plan on eating half the choc!).

I was going to write a post about the balancing act of motherhood and a career but decided to keep it light and instead share with you a few of my fave things from Ady’s wardrobe.  I’m kind of obsessed with fashion in general but when I had a daughter it was an excuse to diversify my shopping addiction and share it with her.

1. Leather Jacket

I bought this for Ady when she was 2 (and she is now almost 4) – it was an investment but I  bought it big so that it would last.  I love her in it and it instantly toughens up any outfit (she often wears it with her ‘princess dresses’.)

2. Knee high socks

What is there not to love about knee high socks?  I would wear them if I could but fear I would get some odd looks if I tried to rock them.  These are the cutest as the fur pom poms are removable and interchangeable (she has green, pink and orange!)

3. Silver shoes

Ady gets so many comments on these shoes it’s crazzzzy – she actually had them when she was a babe and could just toddle and when she grew out of them I decided she would NEVER be too old and so I continue to buy them!

4. Fur

I am slightly obsessed with fur so Ady has it in varying forms (think hats, mittens, hair bows) so I could not pass up the chance to buy her this coat when Winter came around.  Even Daddy gets a kick out of it!

5. Silk Bomber Jacket

This is a new addition to her wardrobe and it is currently Adrienne’s favorite piece – it has made an appearance every time it has been warm enough.  Thankfully it goes with a lot of items as she wants to wear it regardless!

6. Tutu Dress

Another investment piece, but like all things on the more expensive side I just buy them in larger sizes and in return they become much better value for money.  Ady has had this since she was just over one – can you believe it!  If you really can’t, I’ve thrown in a picture for effect.

I have made a note where these items are from but truth is I bought nearly all of them (and the majority of Ady’s wardrobe) at Yoya.  It is a gorgeous little boutique in the West Village and I adore it, they have beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories plus you can only find them in New York which I always find special.

Have a great weekend,
Lauren xx